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See what other people are saying about our Boulder View apartments! At Boulder View Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I’ve lived at Boulder View for 3 months (May – Aug 2017) after relocating to the area from out-of-state. Boulder View has pro’s and con’s, and hopefully this review will help you to make a decision about if Boulder View is right for you. Pro’s • First and foremost, the management team is excellent! I had some challenges with my apartment when I first moved in as it was a tight turnaround from the last tenants moving out (i.e. birds nesting on the deck, ice maker wasn’t working, fridge was cracked, light bulbs not working, and some other very minor things). Dana was extremely responsive and kind. Matt, the facilities guy, was totally competent in fixing everything in a timely and professional manner. Dana and Matt make a great team and they really do care about the happiness of Boulder View residents and take pride in their work. I think they are both stellar. • Dana does nice things for the community such as hosting a BBQ or painting party in the outdoor common areas. Although I’ve been out of town for both events, it’s still a nice perk for residents. • Overall, the property is kept very clean and well maintained (see below for comments on the hot tub and pool). For example, in summer 2017, they did a landscaping project and now the grounds are filled with roses and other lovely plants. • The apartments are quite energy efficient. My summer Xcel bill (running AC often) has never been more than $35 for a two bedroom, two bath, 1,000 square foot apartment. • The apartments are quality apartments with good appliances and modern features. On the 3rd floor, I do not hear my neighbors, except for the dog below barking occasionally while I’m on the deck. • Although Boulder View doesn’t have a gym, residents are offered discounted membership at Anytime Fitness right across the street, which is a great perk! • There are so many bike and running trails nearby that you have no excuse but to get out there! • The convenience of having a grocery store, Proto’s Pizza, Gunbarrel Liquor, Snarf’s, Todo’s, Gurkha’s, Elements, gas station, banks, etc. right outside your door is really great. Con’s • Street noise. I am parallel to Lookout Road and face West. It can be really noisy with the windows open or sitting on the patio, especially in the mornings. • The train noise is so loud that I can’t sleep with my windows open. Think BLARING train horn at 2 am, 5 am, etc. If you’re not sensitive to train noise, you’ll be fine. • In addition to your Xcel bill, residents are also charged for water, trash and general building electricity. Your bill is calculated based on how many people live in your unit and the square footage. This is not ideal for few a reasons: 1) It doesn’t incentivize residents to conserve water or electricity; 2) If you are out of town often, you still end up paying between $30 - $70/month; and 3) If you live alone this is expensive. • If you have a beautiful mountain view (i.e. facing West), you’re also overlooking a huge car wash that operates floodlights starting at dusk and throughout the night. These blazing lights make it unpleasant for enjoying the deck at night. I also had to buy blackout curtains for the bedrooms because it’s really that bright. • There’s no shade in the outdoor common areas by the pool, hot tub, grill and fire pits. If Boulder View were to invest in some high quality umbrellas that would enable residents to hang by the pool without melting in the summer. ☺ • There is no community restroom near the pool or hot tub. This is a pain when you have to walk up to your 3rd floor apartment to use the restroom. • Often the jets on the pool and hot tub aren’t working (I’d say 50% of the time). I’m also not sure how often they are cleaned, but they can get scuzzy. • There’s no Wi-Fi by in the common outdoor area. Big bummer as it would be nice to work outside and dip in the pool. Hopefully this will change. Overall, I’m quite happy at Boulder View and am grateful for the management team – Dana and Matt – for their attentiveness, care and professionalism.


I enjoy the quirky floor plan, HUGE bathroom and for a one bedroom it's really quite spacious! The drawback is noise level from the apartment above and on each side. I also have to agree with the below, Dana and Matt, are always ready to listen and jump in to help when some sort of maintenance is needed.


My husband and I have lived in this apartment for almost a year. By far it's the most beautiful apartment we have ever lived in. The rent is pricey but you pay for what u get. They have an awesome mountain views. Not much of amenities but you got everything you need inside the unit. I mean to start of the bathroom is so nice it has double sink. The kitchen is so modern and has a sleek look which is my favorite part of this place. The bedroom and closet are both spacious and everything is clean and brand new. And the location is also great because it's close to pretty much everything grocery store, restaurants breweries and more. The office manager Dana is so awesome. Every time we call her she always answer the call and help us with everything we needed. So Thanks Dana for being so convenient for us. And Also for Matt, the maintenance guy. Huge Thank you every time we have an issue in our unit he's always available and fixed the issues we had. Overall, this place is great. Were giving it FIVE STARS because we felt like they exceeded our expectations in this apartment. Again, thanks Dana and Matt for making our stay even better by providing a great customer service. So for that, we would definitely recommend this place! 😊


Spent 2 1/2 years at Boulder View. While the original management company was pretty terrible, Dana and Matt with the new management company have been great. Very attentive and friendly. We enjoyed the layout of our larger apartment (2 bed, 2 bath), the simple amenities, the views were awesome, and it was nice being within walking distance of a couple breweries, a grocery store, and some decent restaurants. Being directly on Lookout Rd., it can get loud due to the traffic, but you tune it out after a while.


I recently moved from LoDo in Denver to Boulder View apartments. I found the apartments to be very nice and the space to be ideal for a single person. My apartment has a beautiful kitchen with a lot of space which was very important for me. The bedroom is spacious with a huge walk-in closet and the bathroom is quite large as well. The living room area is a bit awkward and a little small but is very workable. The other areas more than make up for that, especially the kitchen. After living in the city for 2 years, the quietness is what really sells me on this complex. Plus I have views of the mountains and the convenience of a grocery store and other stores less than 2 blocks away. The rent is not unreasonable, especially compared to city rents. The complex does not have many of the amenities of larger complexes such as a gym or business center but I rarely used those in my complexes in the city so I don't miss them. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I have yet to make a request or ask a question that hasn't been taken care of. I am truly enjoying living at Boulder View and expect that will not change as time goes on.


The ideal location of these apartments, together with a very friendly and helpful community manager and maintenance staff, make Boulder View Apartments a most recommendable place to live in beautiful Boulder Colorado.


Very welcoming and helpful finding an apartment, thank you Dana. The property is very clean with a good view of the surrounding mountains. Really looking forward to moving here from Louisiana, gonna be a good year.

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